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The Importance of Fire Extinguisher Maintenance
An essential part of fire protection and safety is making sure that all your measures for fighting and preventing fires are in good working conditions. This includes fire extinguisher maintenance.
How Fire Suppression Systems Work
To help choose the best fire suppression system for your business, let’s take a look at how these systems work and what their effects are in today's post.
9 Fire Protection Tips for the Food Industry
From fire extinguisher service to proper fire protection strategies, let's explore how the food industry should approach fire protection.
Must-Haves Fire Safety Equipment for Commercial Buildings
All commercial buildings must have the necessary fire safety equipment and fire protection plan in place.
Effective Fire Protection for Healthcare Facilities
With fire suppression systems at healthcare facilities, protect your patients, staff, and life-saving medical devices.
Does Your Commercial Building Have Proper Emergency Lighting?
The safety and security in any commercial property is top priority. Learn how emergency lighting systems enhance your commercial security.
Choosing a Fire Suppression System for Restaurants
As a restaurant owner, it's essential to know what fire suppression systems options you have and what’s best to invest in.
Dry Chemical Fire Suppression System Safety
Keeping your dry chemical fire suppression system safe is top priority. Dry chemical systems prevent damage & make cleanup easier.
Include Fire Safety and Protection In Your Spring Cleaning Routine
Although your spring-cleaning to-do list may seem endless, safety and protection should always be at the top of it.
Sizes of Portable Fire Extinguishers
Choosing the right size portable fire extinguisher is not simply a matter of what's convenient - it's a matter of safety. Learn more!
A Quick Guide to Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems
Wondering about kitchen fire suppression systems? You've come to the right place!
Do Emergency Exit Signs Need to be Illuminated?
Emergency exit signs are mandatory. They must be lit, internally or externally. Consider the benefits of illuminated emergency exit signs.
Fire Extinguishers: Do They Expire?
A principal cause of fire extinguishers not functioning correctly is that it is too old, and as a result, waned in performance.