How to Ensure Fire Protection in the Workspace
Fires break without warning, so make sure that your workspace and staff has a fire protection plan in place.
Fire Suppression Contractors: How to Choose
To protect your property and building inhabitants and to follow the law, you need to hire the right fire suppression contractors.
What You Need to Know About CO2 Fire Extinguishers
Fires come in many different shapes and sizes. As such, it’s essential to have the right fire protection device to combat specific types of fires. One of these devices is CO2 fire extinguishers.
Does Your Property Have Sufficient Emergency Lighting?
When it comes to an emergency, preparedness is highly essential. One vital aspect of preparedness you must do is ensuring[...]
Fire Suppression Systems for Commercial Establishments
Normally, when we see a fire, the natural inclination when it comes to extinguishing it so to douse it with water. While that helps in most instances, there are far better fire protection tools depending on the situation. Enter fire suppression systems for commercial establishments.
Fire Safety Equipment for Hospitals
Compared to other establishments, essential fire emergency protocols for healthcare facilities may be much more complicated. From evacuation guidelines to fire safety equipment requirements, hospitals and healthcare facilities must follow strict protocols when it comes to fire safety.
How Often Should You Do Fire Extinguisher Inspection?
An effective and reliable fire safety tool, any establishment shouldn’t be without fire extinguishers. Keeping commercial and residential fire extinguishers in tiptop shape requires a regular and comprehensive fire extinguisher inspection.
Choosing the Right Kitchen Fire Extinguisher
Commercial kitchens are rife with fire hazards. From rampant flammable substances to electrical appliances to usually confined spaces, multiple potential fire risks are always present in a kitchen. Thus, having the right fire protection devices, such as a kitchen fire extinguisher, is crucial.
Frequently Asked Questions to a Fire Protection Company
Employing the services of a fire protection company is essential – especially if you want to ensure that you’re hiring a reliable and professional organization. It’s normal to have questions and concerns about fire protection to the company you’re looking to hire.
Emergency Exit Signs: Do’s and Don’ts’s
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Fire Protection Systems for Warehouses
Because of the types of operations that occur at industrial warehouse facilities, these buildings will usually have a higher risk[...]
Kitchen Protection: Restaurant Fire Safety Systems
Responsible restaurant owners know the importance of investing in restaurant fire safety systems. Learn more.
How Building Modifications Affect Fire Suppression
When a building undergoes changes and modifications, the fire suppression system installed in it is also affected. Is the building still safe? Learn more about it here.
Where Should Emergency Exit Signs and Lighting be Placed?
We typically take emergency exit signs and emergency lighting for granted. However, that doesn't take away from how important they are in a commercial building.
What are Commercial Fire Extinguishers?
Different commercial fire extinguishers are utilized for different purposes. Learn more about fire safety in commercial spaces here.