Category: Fire Protection for Businesses

How to Ensure Fire Protection in the Workspace

fire protection in the workspace

Fires break without warning, so make sure that your workspace and staff has a fire protection plan in place.

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Fire Safety Equipment for Hospitals

Fire safety equipment are essential in healthcare facilities.

Compared to other establishments, essential fire emergency protocols for healthcare facilities may be much more complicated. From evacuation guidelines to fire safety equipment requirements, hospitals and healthcare facilities must follow strict protocols when it comes to fire safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions to a Fire Protection Company

Trust a fire protection company to give you safety guidance.

Employing the services of a fire protection company is essential – especially if you want to ensure that you’re hiring a reliable and professional organization. It’s normal to have questions and concerns about fire protection to the company you’re looking to hire.

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Fire Protection Systems for Warehouses

Warehouse managers and business owners must prioritize getting top-quality fire protection systems.

Because of the types of operations that occur at industrial warehouse facilities, these buildings will usually have a higher risk of fire. Thus, fire protection systems for warehouses are challenging, yet a top priority. Aside from the merchandise produced in industrial warehouses, you will find elements and materials that instantaneously spurs if there is a […]

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9 Fire Protection Tips for the Food Industry

Does your restaurant need fire extinguisher service?

From fire extinguisher service to proper fire protection strategies, let's explore how the food industry should approach fire protection.

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Must-Haves Fire Safety Equipment for Commercial Buildings

All commercial buildings must have adequate fire safety equipment

All commercial buildings must have the necessary fire safety equipment and fire protection plan in place.

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