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Emergency Exit Signs: Do’s and Don’ts’s

Know the important guidelines on emergency exit signs.

To facilitate a safe and orderly evacuation, emergency exit signs and lighting are required. When a natural disaster or a fire leaves a building without electricity, these emergency exit signs will remain illuminated and intact — guiding the building occupants to safety. In today’s post, what the federal and state requirements are for emergency lights […]

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Where Should Emergency Exit Signs and Lighting be Placed?

Emergency exit signs in hallways and corridors must have directional instructions.

We typically take emergency exit signs and emergency lighting for granted. However, that doesn't take away from how important they are in a commercial building.

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Do Emergency Exit Signs Need to be Illuminated?

Light-up red emergency exit signs in the dark

Emergency exit signs are mandatory. They must be lit, internally or externally. Consider the benefits of illuminated emergency exit signs.

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